Pain during and after the introduction: the main reasons

As the ladies passed in the rule, we first consider the characteristic signs of pain in women during the arousal. Immediately do not need to mention, that only the excitement during the sexual intercourse is meant to be – pain can occur and during Masturbation, and only with sexual arousal. So, a couple of diseases in which a woman suffering from pain, as soon as you irritated.

Ovarian cyst

Cysts on the ovaries – is a formation that can be filled in the Form of bags filled with liquid and burst. It is one of the tumors. Ovarian the disappear by themselves within 2-3 months can be a cyst, and may require surgical or medical intervention.

The character of pain

If you can feel the intercourse, the woman is a sharp pain in the pelvis or to the left or to the right. The same woman can feel pain during Menstruation, which, as is known, give women an increased excitability.

What can I do?

A ultrasound of the genital organs, the special attention to the ovaries. To ensure whether the truth, cysts in you ovary, you should consult a gynecologist, and the medical treatment.

Thrush is Candidiasis

This disease already once, but each suffered almost the first woman. That is to say – all the women went once this agony: pain in the vagina, white rash on the walls, and even itching bothered, although screaming. It is a fungal infection that is not transmitted by sexual contact – its causes may be different. While thrush in the vagina of the woman and on the walls nasty fungi Candida to grow, so that the disease is also called Candidiasis.

Candidiasis pain during sexual intercourse is more than every fourth woman.

The character of pain

In the case of arousal during Sex can intensify, and itching pain in the vagina, by the way. Every touch to the walls of the Vagina causing severe pain, malaise, irritability. If the woman is still sex, her cunt still more inflamed, pain in the vagina just intolerant and in the area of the ovaries – the belly aches. Usually, the pain has the character of burning.

What can I do?

You visit the gynecologist and go to therapy for thrush. Must seals dispense with strong odors (flavored), tight underwear, synthetic panties, uncontrolled drugs – all these can cause side thrush infection when having Sex. Before or after Sex, you can get the ointment with Cortisol, a hormone in the composition – it reduces the inflammation of the vaginal walls and make the pain a little quieter

Uterine fibroids or myomas

This type of training in of the uterus in the Form of tumors, which doctors believe is benign. In this formation of fibroids, and fibroids are involved, meaning muscle and connective tissue. This disease takes in his paws, more than a third of women after 35 years. Fibroma can be a size of a pea (small) to fruit such as oranges.

The character of pain

When a myoma or fibroid of the uterus, the vagina at its input hurts, as soon as the Partner touched him. There, the dense areas in the Form of a hump can be felt under the skin. Pain can occur in the vagina, in the genitals. During Sex pain strong character can acquire pretty.

You throbbing, long, may not happen after Sex within a few hours. Woman is not experienced because of this pain, especially if the cause is resolved. It can't even be depressed if you have to visit on a doctor to the diagnosis.


What can I do?

Visit a gynecologist to diagnosis and treatment. For a more accurate picture of the disease, uzi need. In General, the diagnosis of the disease deviations immediately recognizes. As treatment is a comprehensive therapy, surgery is possible.


This inflammation of the nerves, the nerve roots, which in the area of the Vulva. Causes infections on the mucous membranes of the Vagina, as well as frequent disorders of the female reproductive organs. In particular, fungal infections such as Candida.

The character of pain

In the case of vulvodynia, the woman can pain in lower abdomen during Sex or arousal. The pain intensified, even if a woman only a long time in the same Position or sitting on a solid surface. Pain also intensified with the introduction of the Penis into the vagina.

These symptoms can also accompany frequent urination, pain in the lower back and in the time of Menstruation in women vaginal discharge can be more rich than before.

What can I do?

Visit you go to the gynecologist and have a thorough diagnosis. A special feature of vulvodynia is that it is very difficult from other similar diseases. For example, fungal infections or venereal diseases. And therefore vulvodinamiyu treat much more difficult than other diseases of the female genital organs, diagnosed easily.


Bartolini's glands, inflammation of the Bartholin- – organs, resembling peas in size and shape. You are on the lips of the Vagina the size of a pea on every sexual sponge. The cause of the disease – in addition to the inflammation of the glands, and their obstruction as a result of glut of toxins and poor circulation. This is probably not the reason, because the true causes of bartholinitis until the scientists found out the doctors. This can germs, according to your assumptions, and pathogenic infections of the type of Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and other nasty.

The character of pain

In the case of bartholinitis labia women swell, increase, inflame, and, of course, the woman has pain during intercourse and up to 5-6 hours after him. It is hard to resist, so that women consume painkillers or call an ambulance. This pain is pulsating. In addition, if up to the vaginal vault of the Partner or the woman herself touched, you can be among the fingers, the dense areas of the body feel.

What can I do?

Visit a gynecologist for an examination and treatment. If the stage of the disease is already running, it is likely the patient is asked the procedure to remove one of the glands – pain accused. Either both of them.


This is the germination of the tissue of the uterus (Endometrium) in the areas of the body where it should be. Of growths of the uterine mucosa, urinary bladder, fallopian tubes, the ovaries, the uterine wall, the rectum may suffer. But you never know in which organs the Endometrium can grow!

Result is a – pain in arousal, substandard sexual life of the woman. Your Menstruation can come and go whenever you want, with any frequency. That is, this disease can be aggravated by bleeding from the uterus. Think of endometriosis, more than one-third of the women diagnosed around the world! This disease is one of the main causes for infertility.

The character of pain

Pain in arousal can interfere with each woman, if your endometriosis. Pain have a sharp, cutting, stabbing in character, so that to call the ambulance. Of course, there is the possibility of a woman a full orgasm, she suffers from the inability to have Sex.

What can I do?

The woman doctor not to go for an investigation and, if necessary, when the usual therapy helps, for the surgery to prepare.

Infections of the urinary organs


Infections of the urinary organs frequently beat women, because the urethra and Vagina are anatomically very close to each other, so that the infection will bubble very quickly away from the Vagina and the urethra and from there into the urine. From this sex organs of the woman may ignite, and, as a result of pain during arousal or sexual intercourse.

The character of pain

The woman feels pain in the abdomen, but not exactly. Where exactly. Pain infections can character among the troubled, unclear, indeterminate. During Sex, the pain can be amplified, stringy, dull. In women the desire to visit the toilet is always.

What can I do?

Not to be confused infection of the urinary tract with colds and inflammations, and to treat yourself. If you feel pain in abdomen during Sex, you must visit a doctor and go through a thorough diagnostic. Particularly revealing are the analyses of the urine are, according to him, is easy to calculate that a woman visited the disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

Treated you should not be alone. In this type of the disease must necessarily be a course of treatment, and the sexual partners, husband.

Vaginal dryness

It is a condition in which the vagina is too little lubrication. It remains dry, so that during intercourse, the male member that's upset him. There is pain during Sex.

Of vaginal dryness in each period of life any woman can suffer. This Symptom may affect more than a quarter of the women around the world. The cause may be an over-reliance on hormonal drugs, including oral means of contraception. Among the causes of vaginal dryness and pain with arousal during pregnancy, lactation or the menopause.

The character of pain

Evil, sharp, lovely. If during intercourse with a member of the partner or his Finger, vagina penetrate in the, it can react a sharp pain. After sexual intercourse took place, is not this pain to leave a woman for another 2-3 hours. Of course, vaginal dryness makes intercourse painful, so you can not endure patiently and in silence, to solve this Problem.

What can I do?

To the gynecologist, he prescribed the optimal treatment. If vaginal dryness hormonal deviations, caused, it will be necessary to establish, especially, hormones. If the blame – the taking oral contraceptives, to revise the dosage and target. To use when a woman is aroused quickly during Sex lubricant, special lubricants for intercourse.

Pain in arousal in men

For men – the special features of pain in sexual arousal. And they dictated the specifics of the male anatomy. If a man is aroused, by 20-40 seconds, the blood actively coming to the organs of the pelvis, the narrow veins and Reverse the outflow of blood. Of this the Penis begins to grow, grow, grow in length and width.

Characteristics of the erection of the men in the fact that the Phallus increased almost three times. He is also is longer than 8 cm, as in the quiet condition. In the translation from the Latin "chubby" stands for "lift". In this state, this discharge need, he may not long remain in this Position. When the Phallus, the vaginal wall rubbing, the excitement is rising for all institutions to strengthen their work. If, during the sexual arousal in a man is something wrong with the sex organs, it can cause severe pain from overexertion.

What diseases can cause pain in men during arousal?

First of all, it is the disease of viral nature. Viruses and bacteria cause inflammation of the genital organs, of the you increasingly weak, vulnerable, substance watery, and painful.


An inflammatory process in the testis in the male. It can occur after the man suffered from Parotitis, common – Guinea-pigs. The characteristic symptoms of this disease are high fever, the egg will be swollen, painful.

The character of pain

Pain in the testicles can not dull, strong and short, or pull, that goes on for several hours and even days – pain can remain for up to a week. During intercourse pain can't take him at all, since the pain can be unbearable.

After a week of suffering the pain of withdraw, but then back again. The egg is reduced significantly during this period, it remains in this state, may also wither away. Up to two months after the illness, the pain can't go back and give life to the man with a normal sex life. Cum in quantities significantly reduces – those that the sick person produces the egg.

What can I do?

Especially Check-up at the doctor-urologa. He appoints the course of treatment, and the man must remain under medical supervision for at least two months, after the pain interfere during arousal and intercourse.


This horrible disease, during which the inflamed male testes to the epididymis. The scrotum is enlarged in the male, increased temperature to 38 degrees, and frequent urinary the cause of the pathology, usually a viral infection or a fungal infection urge. The cause for this condition can infection is a fungus or a common cold viral nature.

The character of pain

At the time of initiation of pain in the testicles and scrotum are particularly strong. The scrotum is always much larger, also increase the testicles, and the blood that occurs in excess to the genitals during arousal, intercourse simply unbearable. The pain – edged and sharp.

What can I do?

You need to immediately consult a doctor-urologist and take a course of treatment with antifungal drugs, antiviral drugs. The combination therapy may also be inhibitors of inflammation. If not caught and treated the disease in the early stages, it can lead to infertility and the absence of a sexual life at all.